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Consignor Form                            

We accept children's clothing in size preemie/newborn to size 14/16. We specialize in name brand children’s wear and boutique quality clothing and shoes. We will only accept brands from discount chain stores that are in brand new condition and these will be regularly placed on a discount rack due to their low original retail price.  Brand-name items sell much better than discount store items.  Customers are looking for items that they would love to save money on... discount stores price their items to sell new... making it hard to "resell" those brands.  Please understand that we want you to have a successful consignment experience, so know that we will only take items that we think would sell well for you.

Brands we love:  Abercrombie, Amanda Remembered, Anavini, Anita G, Auraluz, Baby Lulu, Baby Nay, Bailey Boys, Beaux et Belles, Boden, Chez Ami, Crewcuts, Cupcake Originals, Flapdoodles, Flap Happy, Funtasia Too, Girlfriends by Anita G, Greggy Girl, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, Hartstrings, Hollister, Just Ducky, Kate Mack, Kellys Kids, Kidorable, Lamour, Le Top, Marimekko, Merrell, Mis-Tee-V-Us, Mulberribush, Mulberry St, New Potatoes, North Face, Orient Expressed, Painting Red Rhinos, Patsy Aiken, Peaches n Cream, Petit Ami, Potato Saks, Puddle Jumpers, Ragsland, Ralph Lauren, Remember Nguyen, Rosalina, Rothschild, Royal Child, Silly Goose, Strasburg, Sweet Potatoes, Trish Scully, Vive la Fete, Wee Winter Woolies, Wes & Willy, Widgeon, Willets, Zackali, ZaZa Couture, Zuccini, Zutano... and more...   

Consignment items may be dropped off any time during store hours.  If time permits, we will go through your items with you at the time of drop-off.  All consignors will be assigned a consignor number in our computer system.  Each time you bring in clothing, we will properly label all of your bags/ boxes.  Any “no thank-yous” will be set aside for you to pick up (we will call or e-mail to notify you).  After notification, any items left for more than one week will automatically be donated to charity. 

Clothing Requirements:
  • Freshly laundered (preferably in an unscented detergent).
  • Children’s clothing should be placed flat in a storage bin with a functional lid. Clothing should be free of any stains, holes, or excessive wear and be current in style (within 2 years).
  • All buttons, snaps and zippers in working order and closed.
  • Children’s shoes should be like new. They must be free of scuff marks and no excessive wear.

Clothes are accepted according to season and availability of space. From January through approximately June we accept spring/summer clothing.  From July through approximately December we accept fall/winter clothing.  
Please save your off season clothing until receiving time for the next season. 
All items should be in ready to sell condition when you bring them in.  For this reason we cannot accept clothing in garbage bags. When selecting items for consignment, ask yourself if they are in the condition in which you would buy them.

Toys will be selected on an individual basis... based on space and season.  We take mostly larger toys, ride-on toys, and toy sets.  Small handheld toys will not be taken.  Small toys do not sell well, and they are difficult to look up for recall... therefore we do not take them. 

Nursery and Children’s Furnishings
Cribs, changing tables, dressers, lamps, nightlights, mobiles, and crib bedding sets will all be accepted if in excellent condition and provided they meet all current safety standards.  Please call ahead for larger items to check on space availability.   
  • All gear and cribs should be of current style and meet all current safety standards.
  • Whenever possible, please include the owner’s manual and assembly instructions. 
  • Cribs must be pre-assembled in shop for inspection. If you are not able to transport your crib assembled, you may assemble it in the store.
  •  Baby gear is often recalled for minor problems. Please run a quick recall search before bringing items in to save you the trouble transporting them in the event there has been a recall. You can do a search on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site:

It is a federal offense to sell a recalled item.  We will check your furniture and baby gear for recalls on the consumer product safety commission website.  If there is a part recall, we will have you pick up your item until it has been repaired with the certified kit.   If your item is affected by a total recall, we will notify you and you must pick up your item within a week of notification. 

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